Media coverage

Examples of my research featured in popular media.

¤ Segment about my research in the Swedish national radio show “Naturmorgon” (in Swedish)


¤Segment about fish vehaviour in the regional P4 Kalmar morning show. (in Swedish)svartmunnad

The invasive round goby

¤ After winning the Regional final, I came in second place at the National final of  Researcher Grand Prix, in Stockholm  Dec 2013 (in Swedish)


¤ Article from National broadcaster SVT  about me winning the Regional final of “Researcher Grand Prix”.

SVT article


¤ Swedish media covering my PLoS ONE paper on  small aggressive males.

 Newspaper article in “Barometen” Sep.  2012

Newspaper article in “Östra småland” Sep.  2012



¤ The desert goby research project featured in Australia’s top science TV program, Catalyst.

Animal Action: Desert gobies

The clip includes my own footage from desert expeditions and lab work.



¤ Our 2010 paper in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (1) on desert goby courtship tactics, caused quite a stir in the science blogosphere (and led to some very inventive headlines):

Male goby fickle over mates Science Alert

A love game: Fish courtship more complex than thought  – Science Daily

Male gobies ”fickle over mates” – MSN news

How sex-starved males find mates -The Times of India

How sex-starved males bag females when there aren’t too many around  – Kerala

Ugly females will do, if no other alternatives available – Aquatic community

When males play the love game –

To flirt or not to flirt, that is the question –

Lonely male gobies are desperate for love – Practical Fish Keeping



¤ Media coverage of our paper on Nicaraguan crater cichlids (2).



Female fish abandoned by males to raise offspring on their own – Science Blog

Caring for children can be a tough job, particularly if you are a female cichlid fish – Science News



(1) Svensson, P.A., Lehtonen, T.K. & Wong B.B.M. 2010. The interval between sexual encounters affects male courtship tactics in a desert-dwelling fish. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 64: 1967-1970.

2) Lehtonen, T.K., Wong, B.B.M., Svensson P.A. & Meyer, A. 2011. Adjustment of brood care behaviour in the absence of a mate in two crater lake cichlids. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 65: 613-619.




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