Dr. P. Andreas Svensson.

“Evolutionary strategies in animals, using fishes as model systems”.

I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in

¤ Behavioural strategies in marine and freshwater fishes.

¤ Reproductive tactics and sexual selection

¤ Animal coloration and colour signals.

¤ Chromatophores and carotenoids.


Currently, I am a lecturer in Evolutionary Ecology at the Linnaeus University in Sweden.

My Linnaeus University staff page

I am also partaking in a research project together with Prof. John Endler at Deakin University, Australia. There, I investigate the roles of evolutionary exaggeration and innovation in the carotenoid-based colour patterns of male guppies (Poecilia reticulata).


My current email address:



My current work address:

Department of Biology and Environmental Science

Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden.



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